The stud is operated by the Adams family, and is located on properties around the Taroom/Wandoan areas in Queensland. The Dangarfield herd is made up of 1300 breeders, comprising both seedstock and commercial breeders over 5 properties. Around 100 bulls are offered each year at the on-property sale in September, with bulls also available for private sale throughout the year." />
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Property Overview


A 9,200 acre property situated 65km from Taroom and 115km from Roma on the Taroom-Roma Road. Dangarfield was purchased in 1947 by Bob and Graham (Senior) Adams on a half share basis. It currently serves as the home to their 550 stud cows and approximately 250 commercial breeders.


Arial view of the Dangarfield homestead

Photo: Aerial view of the Dangarfield homestead. Dangarfield and Brydon run back to the horizon.

A 5,800 acre bare block that joins the back of Dangarfield that was purchased in 1966 and named in honour of Jean Adams’ maiden name. It is predominantly lighter country and runs all the weaner heifers and some steers. Maiden heifers are also joined here and some paddocks contain cull heifers for finishing.

Both Dangarfield and Brydon share a great mixture of country ranging from alluvial creek flats to steady undulated rich scrub soils.

Both Gayndah and Biloela buffel are the predominate pasture, but introduced medics and natural herbages grow through the winter. A vast variety of timber country can also be found ranging from Brigalow, Belah, Sandalwood, Coolabah, Eucalyptus to Bauhinia for the majority.

The 120 acres was farmed, has been turned back to improved pasture with Bambatsi and Gatton Panic.

Dangarfield also has 350 acres planted to Leucaena. Between the 2 properties they are fenced into 27 main paddocks and while there is only 1 dam, there are 9 artesian bores. Most of these bores are free flowing to the surface with only 3 needing to be pumped. The Eurombah Creek runs the length of both properties and in addition to this the Kangaroo Creek runs through the front corner of Dangarfield. These 2 properties along with Waikola all have their 3 boundaries join on the "Skeleton's Lagoon" which has a rich history to the Taroom area.


A 3,725 acre property situated just 13km from Taroom, also on the Taroom-Roma Road. Purchased in 1988, it serves as the bull depot and bullock finishing block. Dangarfield also conduct their annual on property sale here in "The Shed". All weaner bulls and the majority of the weaner steers are trucked down from Dangarfield shortly after weaning.

Kingswood comprises predominantly of heavier Brigalow soils. The main pastures are again Buffel and winter medics. Kingswood also has 1,100 acres of Leucaena under sown with Bambatsi and Creeping Blue grasses. It is fenced into 17 main paddocks and has 5 dams, in addition to this a share bore between 5 neighbouring properties has been put down and is now the main water supply.


A 4,040 acre property situated approximately 45km from Wandoan on the Bundi Road. Purchased in 2007, it is only 40km from Dangarfield and 86km from Kingswood. It is a bare block that is cleared and fenced into 9 paddocks and is the type of country that makes the Wandoan area famous - great soft Brigalow/Vine scrub country that has predominantly Gayndah buffle and medics.

It carries the majority of Dangarfield’s cull heifers and in addition to this some purchased cattle for finishing. It has 4 dams and is also connected to a community share bore.

Summer Hill

Purchased in 2000, a 2,750 acre property situated 33km from Wandoan on the Booral Road. It is 50km from Kingswood and 68km from Dangarfield. It is lighter country and runs Dangarfield’s terminal herd of 250 breeders. Again it has buffel as the main feed source with winter medics.

It is fenced into 9 main paddocks and has just the one main dam and 4 smaller dams but it is also connected to a community share bore. Summer Hill was sold to Xtrata Mines at the end of 2006 and is run under a lease agreement.

All five properties are situated in a 25 inch annual rainfall belt (apparently!).

Property Map