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Past Sires

Dangarfield Eyewitness


DOB: 01.08.94

The Beef '97 Grand Champion.  When season permits we run AI programs on our leading heifers and use Eyewitness over the majority of them.  Eyewitness produced strong toplines and carcass on his progney.  He consistently produced cattle that were a dark cherry red with a good coat and great carcase qualities.

Over the years Eyewitness has gave us some top daughters and he is also the sire to one of our most noted sires in Dangarfield Improvement. 


Dangarfield Jack Junior (P) 9yrs age


DAM: DANGARFIELD 3107 (P) 166891 
DOB: 20.08.99

 A lighter coloured poll bull with a power of muscle and near perfect sheath - the spitting image of his sire.

Jack Junior (P) was a stand out sire of Dangarfield from his first season due to the consistent performance of his progney across all fields.  We could rely on his bulls to sell well at auction, his daughters to be consistent in their breeding, and his steers to earn top dollar out of the paddock with a majority of them being polled to boot.

Jack Junior (P) progeny were a soft line with plenty of polls and were easily identified in the mob due to his strong influence.

A great son was retained to replace Junior in Dangarfield Quarterback (P).  This individual is a heavily muscled, easy doing sire witha placid nature.  Quarterback's (P) first progeny were due in 2010.  Follow our current sires page to see what Quarterback (P) is producing.

2009 saw 3 sons having been retained in the stud, and 29 sons sell at auction to gross just under $190,000 with a top of $17,000, and averaging just under $6,500. 


Dangarfield LIEUTENANT



DAM: DANGARFIELD 0516 187991
DOB: 26.08.01

 The big gentle giant of Dangarfield.  When he was representing us on the show circuit, Lieutenant was a dream to look after from day one.  The only trouble was when he stood on our toe!  He weighed just over 1,200kg at the Brisbane Ekka in 2004 as a 3 year old, after working a short season (unfed) at Dangarfield in 2003.  We took Lieutenant in to the Taroom Show in 2011 for 'Guess the Weight' and with 5 weeks of light feeding after coming out of 55 cows, he weighed 1,212kg at 9.5 years of age.  He is a bit of a pet around here and could be scrateched out in the paddock.  Our niece and nephew could also sit on him, although it became a struggle to lift them up high enough!

Lieutenant was retained because it is very rare to find an individual with his size, breed character, docility and looseness, and still have a near perfect sheath.  Lieutenant's dam (0516) had 7 calves with a 360-DCI.  His daughters are particularly impressive, are valued breeders and are turning out some very impressive progeny. 

For Lieutenants last 2 seasons he covered the AI team to give us our best chance of producing a top shelf line of daughters - that's how much we tought of him.  Two sons have also been retained in the stud.

To date 50 sons have sold at auction to gross just short of $280,000 and average $5,500 with a top of $12,000 for Quatro (P) to the Cree Stud and a second top of $11,000 for Rifleman selling to the Cooinda Stud.


Dangarfield Patrol Chief

dangarfield patrol chief

DAM: DANGARFIELD 3647 246001
DOB: 13.10.05

Patrol Chief has a pedigree that combines some of our best bloodlines for fertlility and performance from ur herd over the last 15 years or more.  His dam, 3467 had 9 calves with a 366-day calving interval.

Patrol Chief was an impressive individual.  Long, thick, soft and loose skin, he had all the best qualities from his pedigree coming out in him and he passed this onto his progeny.

Patrol Chief was probably not used to his full potential in his early working life as he was only multiple joined.  Once we realised his sire strength, he was single sired to some of our best cows.

He was found crippled halfway through the 2011/2012 joining season and had to be put down, making this his last offering of natural calves.  We have not used him in our first ET programs but we fully intend to over the next couple of year.

2012 saw Patrol Chief's 20 sons sell at auction to gross just short of $212,000, and average $10,600 with a top of $24,000 for Titan (P) selling to Allendale Stud.


Rosevale Matlock W20 (P)


DAM: ROSEVALE V320 (P) AP2.190625
DOB: 29.08.00

Purchased in 2004 for $13,000 he has produced exactly what he was purchased for - poll cattle with plenty of muscle power with a strong topline, good bone, excellent temperament just like himself.  Throwing small birthweights, he has been single-sired to maiden heifers with absolutely no calving problems.  Matlock's (P) daughters shaped up to be valuable breeders with strong preg test results, early calving dates and perfect udders.

His sons sold extremely well, with 13 at auction averaging just under $6,600, and he achieved top price of the sale in 2006 at $15,000, selling to Kidman & Co.



SIRE: WARRILEE 389 190311
DAM: WARRILLEE 543 221472
DOB: 12.08.01

 A quiet achiever in our herd. Purchased at the Big S Sale in 2004 for a second top of $14,000, Vernon was selected for his breed character and perfect sheath and navel. These traits have a strong influence in his progeny, they are trim, tidy and have loads of character.

Vernon has been our resident sire for joining to maiden heifers. He returns strong preg test results and his daughters are now doing the same. They are producing some big weaners for us and are versatile breeders, leaving it open to join them to a range of sires. They are an impressive group and regularly catch people’s attention upon inspection when going around Dangarfield.

One of his daughters, Dangarfield Reba was shown successfully. winning Junior Champion Female at Bell, then Junior and Grand Champion at Wandoan, Reserve Senior Champion at the Nanango Feature Show, and second in her class at Beef 2009.

His sons have sold well with 26 averaging $4,950 with a top of $11,000 for a commercial bull.

Semen packages are available for Warrillee Vernon.